Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Example of Why Tiger Woods Doesn't Get It

People tend to call me a Tiger Woods hater, but it isn't true. I enjoy the guy being in tournaments. I think he's (obviously) good for the game. And I have rooted as hard as anyone for a comeback, simply because his success means success for everyone in the golf world (other players, writers, club-manufacturers, Alex Miceli).

But there are times when you just shake your head at the guy because you can tell he simply doesn't get the game. No, I'm not talking about golf, I'm talking about the game. The game that is life. How you interact with people. How life works. It's like when you're at a restaurant and overhear a guy berating his waitress because the potatoes weren't cooked to his specifications. There is one way to go about that (ask politely for an exchange) and then there is the guy that yells at someone that didn't even do anything wrong.

And the point I'm talking about is the above picture at the Tavistock Cup. Tiger Woods, playing for Team Albany, sporting his own Nike Golf hat.

I know there might be some sort of sponsors obligation to Nike for him to rock the hat in all competitions besides the Ryder and Presidents Cup, but everyone else on the course this Monday (besides Ernie Els, who also had his usual SAP had on) put on the team hats and enjoyed them. Big names with big sponsor money like Adam Scott, Justin Rose and Bubba Watson. It's an act out courtesy. If you're in an event for someone or something, you put on what they're asking. It's a simple gesture and something that shouldn't be too difficult.

For Tiger, things are his way. He's too big to wear the Masters badge all week at Augusta. He does the interviews he wants to do and on his clock, damn the rest of the media, and he does things like the hat deal at the Tavistock.

The problem is, complaining about it, like I'm doing here, is nearly pointless. The guy isn't going to change and it seems this is how he is programed. Some people get it, others don't, and Tiger is definitely the latter.

But hell, at least he's golfing again.

Getty Images


Anonymous said...

You can't fight against your sponsors. Was this article proofread at all? Who writes this crap?

seak said...

It's a silly club competition, this isn't the Ryder Cup. You said Ernie wasn't wearing it either. If it's a contractual obligation, that's how it is. And given how much nike pays him, I'd think he rather owes it to them to wear the hat.

But what interviews is he supposed to do that he doesn't? He does every pre-tourn, nearly every post round. And what do you mean by his own clock? He sets it up for when it's convenient (based on pro-am or whatever), like every other player.

Tiger does lots of crap, but this seems rather silly.

gregglink said...

I totally agree Shane,

Yes this is not a big deal. Yes, this is silly. But it is these small silly things that make up his persona. I think he likes to be out of sync with the rest of the world.

After all he has been through you think he would make more of an effort. When you're taking down majors every week it's one thing.

BubbaFan said...

I can understand why you're "Anonymous" -- another word for no self-esteem.

Mark said...

Usually love your stuff Shane. But this was not your best work. If Ernie was doing the same then it's not really a story to hit Tiger with; and I'm the last one to defend him.

Mark said...

Usually love your stuff Shane. But this was not your best work. If Ernie was doing the same then it's not really a story to hit Tiger with; and I'm the last one to defend him.

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