Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tiger Woods Withdraws from Cadillac Championship

There is nothing graceful about leaving a tournament in a golf cart. Nothing normal about it. It's as defeating a look as one can have in the game of golf. 

And for all the knocks on Tiger Woods over the last three years, saying the guy doesn't gut out rounds is not one of them. So when Tiger picked up his ball on the 11th hole, got in a cart and was driven off to his car to go home and nurse his left leg injury, you knew something was up. It had to be. This wasn't a defeated player getting off a golf course. This was Tiger, head down, mumbling under his breath about a left leg that just won't perform like it used to. 

Woods is a damaged man, but this time, it's his body. Always fit, Tiger is now having to understand exactly what it means to be old. 

People are going to question what exactly happened to Tiger on Sunday. Did he just quit his round after his knee started hurting? Would he have finished the round if he was in contention, a la Torrey Pines? What's next for Woods? 

All of those questions are pointless now. Tiger was supposed to finally be healthy and he isn't. His leg and knee problems don't seem like they're going away anytime soon. 

We all want Tiger to return to greatness, but if his body isn't in shape to do so, it will be impossible for him to be great again. 

I'll be honest ... it isn't the easiest thing these days to be a Tiger fan. 



mary said...

What a ridiculous statement, that its hard to be a Tiger fan. Why? Juat because he is hurt? If that is a reason, you were never a fan in the first place.
I am a fan and always will be, I hope the injury can be corrected and he is back playing soon, and when he is, I will cheer for him as always.

chris_villasenor said...

It's hard to be a Tiger fan because he hasn't been playing well on a consistent basis and now his left leg is giving him more problems.

You can still be a fan and root for him but it's going to be rough going from here on out for Tiger.

He puts a lot of force into his golf swing and his left leg bears the brunt of it. He has to change something if he wants to keep on going.

I want to see him play more but it seems as though he's going to have to manage himself even more as he gets older.

Anonymous said...

Tiger is a coward and a sore loser! He said on Sat. that he was feeling GREAT! What a baby! and a shame for REAL GOLFERS!!! GO HOME SORE LOSER!!