Monday, April 2, 2012

Video: Martin Kaymer skips one off the water at the Masters for a hole-in-one

Martin Kaymer has never had the best of luck when it comes to the Masters. Despite being the top player in the world at one point, the guy just can't seem to get past all the twists and turns at Augusta National (he even went so far as to alter how he shaped the ball prior to last year's tournament).

But maybe his luck is changing. During Monday's practice round, Kaymer hit one of the most incredible shots you're ever going to see, skipping his shot off the water, onto the 16th green ... and into the hole.

That's what you call a career shot, folks. And the fact that it happened at the Masters? Well, that just makes it even more special.

Who knows, maybe it's the kind of shot that allows Kaymer to wipe away all the bad memories and make a run this year. Even if it doesn't, he still has a memory that will certainly stick with him for the rest of his life.


duhmitdown said...

Duh! It wasn't a hole-in-one! He was obviously hitting from the the drop area-not the tee box. So it was really an outstanding four!

Anonymous said...

Number 16 at Augusta is a par 3 that is all carry over watter and it is common for the crowd to yell at the golfers during practice rounds to "skip it". Many of the golfers will then hood their club and skip their shot off the water a couple of times before the ball pops up on the green. So, YES, it WAS a hole in one.

mike8 said...

DUH.Another person making sure everyone knows about all the wrong in the world.Loser