Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mini Tour Players Posts 16-under 55, Makes Me Throw All My Clubs Away

There are moments when professional golfers do something that the home viewer might think, "I could have done that!" This is not one of those times.

A 26-year-old Australian named Rhein Gibson shot a 16-under 55 last week at River Oaks Golf Club in Oklahoma, and yes, you read that number correctly, and yes, I'll give you a minute to pick your jaw up from the ground.

Gibson actually started on the back nine, playing No. 10 first, and after a par on the first hole, played the next eight holes 10-under, with two eagles and six birdies. He turned at 10-under, made six birdies over his final seven holes, and posted a score that is said to have tied the lowest ever in the history of the game.

The scorecard above, via Reddit, gives us full proof that Gibson actually did it, but wow, 55 is absolutely incredible. Most of the time, 16-under wins four-man scrambles, so to think one man could do something like that is insane.

One of his playing partners, Ryan Munson, wrote a full account of the round, and it's quite good, but that is one heck of round of golf.

Nothing like saying after you putt out on the 18th, "I only made four pars ... but no bogeys."

h/t Eye on Golf


Anonymous said...

Hey wait a minute. I thought in Kim Jung Il's obituary the North Koreans said he only played golf once and shot an 18! That's way better than 55.

Alfalfa said...

Golly, I break that score every week, well almost, on my nine hole home course

Cam said...

I think you'll find that the late Kim Jong Il holds the world record. A stellar round of 38 under par, including 11 holes in one. He has witnesses, 17 security guards were there.

Anonymous said...

I thought in Kim Jung Il's obituary the North Koreans said he only played golf once and shot an 18! That's way better than 55.

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