Thursday, May 10, 2012

Prankster Zings Famous Irish Golf Course With Hope of a Rory Visit

There are few golf courses in the world as beautiful as Ballybunion, the pinnacle of Irish golf set off the western side of the island, and there are few golfers as famous as Rory McIlroy, the young Northern Irishman with a major under his belt and potential as long as his soaring drives.

So what would happen if the two planned a get together? That was the plan in late April, or so the Ballybunion course thought. A prankster called the golf course posing as a manager to Rory and Mark O'Meara, letting the course know that the two would be swinging by the famous links on a Saturday before a big rugby match.

Ballybunion went all "the queen is coming over for tea" on the course, only to find out they'd be duped.

From the Irish Independent ...

Well used to VIP visitors, Ballybunion saw nothing amiss and swept into action with their preparations. Extra catering arrangements were made, caddies took precise measurements to ensure their yardages were spot on, and the Old Course was in pristine condition for Rory and his entourage. 

 Except they never showed - much to the disappointment of up to 100 young fans, club members and local media who had gathered from 7.30am. Most waited patiently until 11.30 when it became clear that McIlroy was a non-runner.

Maybe it's just the Irish mentality to be lackadaisical in double checking these sorts of things, but if I called out to Whistling Straits telling them Bubba Watson was going to swing by for a quick 18, I feel like they'd check with a manager or something to confirm.

And if nothing else, it gives me a chance to post one of my favorite commercials that has come out recently, because I'm assuming the level of disappointment on those little kiddos' faces rivals these expressions.



Reece Webb said...

Wow! Seems like these golfers are having a good time in this so-called prank. Just make sure they don't drink too much cause we all know what's the consequence of too much alcohol drinking.

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