Thursday, June 28, 2012

The British Open or Open Championship ... A Plea

So, right around this time every year (Every. Year.) readers and followers and golf fans from across the pond (And some in the US) start the incessant plea for the rights to name the third, and oldest, major championship.

The true name of the British Open, as we call it over on this side of the pond, is the Open Championship. I completely agree. It IS the Open Championship.

The thing is, we in the media world have to write for a mass of people that might not know that. They may think we're talking about the U.S. Open or the British or the Canadian or, hell, the Phoenix Open. While it is the proper name, it's a little confusing (the same reason Europeans call the PGA Championship the US PGA Championship).

But, it's confusing ... so we call it the British Open. That just makes more sense over here so that we don't have to explain what the hell we're talking about (Breaking news: a lot of Americans aren't exactly world travelers).

Now, THAT SAID, during the week of the British, I will happily call it the Open Championship.

Honestly, links golf is my favorite golf in the world. I've lived in Scotland, caddied at the Old Course, spent hours on those golf courses hitting fun golf shots that do all sorts of different things a yard here or there. I've knocked back scotch at Cruden Bay, a Tennents at the Whey Pat, and dragged my dad across the pond to check out as many of those beauties as I could.

But logically, it just makes more sense this way. So, agree? Agree.


Anonymous said...

You're making too much sense, Shane. Cut it out, dammit!

Anonymous said...

whatever you call it, just enjoy it. Royal Lytham is a beautiful course. Licky enough to play a month ago. Highlight of my golfing life! Are you across for it?

Anonymous said...

lucky enough!

Mark said...

That's the first time anyone has convinced me to accept it. I'm a real stickler for this issue usually (well, I am a Brit).

Anonymous said...

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Dave said...

What you say about the naming convention makes perfect sense. It's title is The Open Championshops, but if you are anywhere else other than in the UK that is sort of meaningless. So the British Open Championships or the British Open Golf Championships clarifies things for everyone.

Doesn't it??

Steve said...

I'm an ex brit, it has to be 'The Open' for me. Interestingly you referred to "(And some in the US)".....Now is that the United States? Of where...Britain?

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