Saturday, June 30, 2012

Site news.

As you have probably noticed, this page has become a ghost town. There are a number of factors for me taking some time away from DTCC, but it isn't that fair to people that enjoy it (I know you're out there!), and I've been batting some ideas around for what to do with this page that would be different from my current gig over at CBS Sports.

To be fair, it was never that much fun writing the same story over AOL/Yahoo/CBS that I did here. I had to come up with different, random ideas that were sometimes fun, sometimes stale, and occasionally informative. I also made sure the last year to focus on newsy stories over here that the company that I advertise with, Yardbarker, would throw on the front page and gain me some traffic.

But alas, the honest truth is I'm simply burnt out with double duty golf blogging. I've been doing this job for more than five years, and it as much fun as it is to write dumb things about Tiger Woods, it sometimes gets old when you have to tag-team the lede.

So, per a request from a reader, I'm changing Dogs That Chase Cars. This site isn't going to be golf news anymore. It's going to be Shane news. No, this will not be a Facebook news feed ("Just ate Sushi .. delish!"), but it will be a golf blog about my golfing. For some odd reason, I was gifted with a pretty damn good golf game, and while I know how to golf my ball around, I sometimes lack in the motivation, and confidence, needed to really push myself to new level. Hopefully being able to put what I'm doing with my game on paper, per se, will help me work and become better.

But first, a few Q and As that I'm assuming you're wondering.

Q. Will this be one of those websites where you chronicle your works at becoming a pro golfer?

A. Umm, hell no. I've been down that road, and realized long ago that I had a better chance of owning Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket than I do at a green jacket. I won't play in a PGA Tour event in my life, and at 28, I'm okay with that. 

Q. So if it isn't' that, what are you going to be talking about?

A. Well, my game. What I did that day. What my thoughts where. How I was dealing with nerves when I had a birdie putt to win $50, $100 or $400. What the range was like and how I'm working on different things to improve this or that. If I'm hitting it all over the place off the tee, what the hell can I do to make that stop? And I'm going to go back to working with an instructor to improve my golf game. My goal is to find someone that will be okay with me posting pictures, and tips, that he has about my game. I need to find an instructor as excited about me becoming a better golfer as I am. Sadly, that is hard to find, but it isn't impossible.

Q. Why would I read this?

A. Honestly, I don't know. Would you? I think golfers like to hear about other golfer's goods and bars, and that is what this will be. There will be sad stories about my game falling apart when I needed it the most, and times when I close birdie-birdie to post a nifty 67. There will be times I want to  quit the game, and times I wish the sun was out 24 hours. It's the game we all love, and why you came here in the first place (well, except you, mom, you had to), and I want to give you a look into my golfing adventures as I hope you do with mine.

Q. How are we going to do that?

A. Well, that's the fun part. You have a good golf story? Share it with me. Email it to me (email is under my profile over there on the right), and I'll post it. No, I probably won't post them all, but if it's good, it'll go up. This is a forum of sorts, and I want everyone to enjoy it.

So, yes, that is it. Any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

The projects starts July 13. 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The British Open or Open Championship ... A Plea

So, right around this time every year (Every. Year.) readers and followers and golf fans from across the pond (And some in the US) start the incessant plea for the rights to name the third, and oldest, major championship.

The true name of the British Open, as we call it over on this side of the pond, is the Open Championship. I completely agree. It IS the Open Championship.

The thing is, we in the media world have to write for a mass of people that might not know that. They may think we're talking about the U.S. Open or the British or the Canadian or, hell, the Phoenix Open. While it is the proper name, it's a little confusing (the same reason Europeans call the PGA Championship the US PGA Championship).

But, it's confusing ... so we call it the British Open. That just makes more sense over here so that we don't have to explain what the hell we're talking about (Breaking news: a lot of Americans aren't exactly world travelers).

Now, THAT SAID, during the week of the British, I will happily call it the Open Championship.

Honestly, links golf is my favorite golf in the world. I've lived in Scotland, caddied at the Old Course, spent hours on those golf courses hitting fun golf shots that do all sorts of different things a yard here or there. I've knocked back scotch at Cruden Bay, a Tennents at the Whey Pat, and dragged my dad across the pond to check out as many of those beauties as I could.

But logically, it just makes more sense this way. So, agree? Agree.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Video: Guy Runs on the Green and Interrupts U.S. Open Trophy Ceremony

No real words here, just a guy running out and getting tackled by Mike Davis. Pricele

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Most Fun Game of the Week - Is Tiger Woods Playing Good This Week, or Bad?

You probably have watched some of the U.S. Open. It's been great TV. But do you know if Tiger Woods has played good golf, or bad golf? Let the pictures guide you, and then guess at the end. Good luck! (All photos courtesy of the great people at Getty Images)

And just for fun, my favorite Rory McIlroy picture from a tough week. 

Getty Images